Saturday, December 26, 2009

Platter-Rack Raid with the Rayders

Not sure who came first:  The Platterrack, the hottest nightspot in mid-Sixties Auckland with residencies from the La De Da's and The Music Convention, or this light-weight 1965 beat gem from Auckland's (and then Hamilton's) The Rayders. At least half of these tunes are Rayders orginals. Contains two bonus tracks -- "I Cry" sourced (with photo of 7") from the Like Dynamite to Your Brain blog and the very excellent "Working Man" from Wild Things Vol. 2 16 Monaural Blasts of Wyld Kiwi Garage Pop 1966-1968. Great little poppy example of the propensity of sixties New Zealand bands to show off their versatility by getting rid of any orginality. Not to say that this album isn't a lot of fun -- just not particularly edgy (except for "Working Man" which is shit-hot, mate).

Little Egypt [link removed -- this album is available again on iTunes and Spotify]

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