Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bill Direen and the HAT (1990)

Couldn't resist putting this up after the last post. This is perhaps my favourite Bill Direen album, only ever available on this South Indies cassette as far as I know. The HAT stands for Hamish Kilgour (The Clean, The Mad Scene, Mood Expansion Chamber, etc.), Allen Meek (Victor Dimisich Band), and Tony O'Blaney, with help from Liz Silver, Lisa Siegel and Steve Cournane. I know at least one of these songs (Nil-Nil) made it onto another album (Cut) in another form (and three others appeared on the 1994 CD version of Bilderine 'Split Seconds'), but this South Indies cassette presents a far better version, at least to my ears. The band just really gels, and the addition of atmospheric, sympathetic synth gives these songs an unexpected melancholy lushness.

I'd rather be a yellow hammer falling from the sky (link  removed -- buy it here!)


  1. This was actually reissued by Powertool as "New York Sack". I think the track listing is slightly different, which is normal for Direen reissues. The dodgy record label was promoting this as an unreleased recordings so I stupidly bought it twice.
    You can buy it here:

  2. Thanks for letting me know. As there is a legitimate release of this, I will take this link down.