Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sam Hunt / Mammal - Beware The Man (1972)

I've had this one for years, and haven't hardly listened to it. Always remembered it as a tragic example of prog wankery, and a poor representation of the work and voice of NZ's favourite Rock 'n' Roll poet. I'd planned on posting it here as a historical oddity. Reading back through the liner notes, Mammal's got Tony Backhouse and other kiwi musos who went on to various levels of musical fortune, but also early use of the Electronic Music Studio at Victoria, and some lovely work from the Alex Lindsay String Quartet.

Listening back yesterday as I was digitising it, I really enjoyed (most of) it. Mammal reminds me a lot of bands like Lutha, Tamburlaine and Waves, and I start thinking it was maybe kind of a mini-scene of this earnest kiwi melodic psych-folk.

Sam recently recorded a really gorgeous album with David Kilgour, and we were lucky enough in Dunedin to see Sam perform with David and the Heavy Eights, who featured a guest appearance that evening from Martin Phillips on keys and steel guitar. According to Sam's website, a live album from those shows is forthcoming.

My copy was a bit rougher than I remembered, so there is a bit of popping and clicking on these tracks; maybe someone out there can recommend a decent (freeware) noise reduction VST? One which doesn't suck all the life out of the music?

Red Rat


  1. thank you for this. didn't know that Sam & Mammal did a full length album together. Am disapointed that 'Picture of Robin in Warpaint' isn't on it, as that was released as a single at the time, and I'd love to get a decent copy of it (great song and better than anything on the Kilgour collaberation).

  2. Thanks, look forward to hearing this, i don't think i could have found it anywhere else!