Saturday, December 19, 2009

Space Farm - Live

One of at least six NZ bands with the word space in their name (the others that I can think of being Space Case [eighties jazz rock], Space Waltz [Alastair Riddell as NZiggy Stardust], Space Dust [nineties munted indie psych], Bailter Space [atmospheric interference caused by too close an association to the Clean and the Gordons], and Fatal Jelly Space [Auckland band, released EP 'Hole' on Flying Nun in 1990].

Guitarist Harvey Mann, at the time considered by many the heaviest guitarist in NZ (to the extent that during his tenure in the late days of The Brew, Doug Jerebine [Jesse Harper] switched to bass so Mann could play lead) formed Space Farm after the Underdogs fell apart, before following a similar path to Jerebine and redirecting his creative energy to his Krishna devotions.

This was a legitimate CD release from the early 2000s, now deleted, as are the reissues of their studio album.

Mann is God [link removed] This link has been removed, as copies of this are still available from


  1. I released this disc in 2000.It hasnt been deleted...i still have plenty left.
    Harvey helped out with it.

  2. Thanks John -- link has been removed. Can you leave a comment listing where readers can buy a copy?

  3. Copies of this CD are still in print and available from the source by emailing John at