Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Lost 3: 15 Unreleased KIWI Rhythm and Beat Gems 1964 to 1967

Don't be fooled -- there were never (yet!?) any vols. 2 or 1.

This freekin' amazing rekkid comps a few of yr faves (Larry's Rebels, The Chants, Bluestars, Roadrunners) with some totally unknown but nevertheless angry young men, all Beatle-booted, shaggy and surly.

'Fraid I can't give much more information, as there's none here. Judging by the sound quality, I'm guessing some of these are crispy old live tapes (Ray Woolf taking on the Chants' biggest hit, only faster and louder), private pressings or acetates (Grimm Ltd., The Raves).

Brought to you by your friends at Zerox records, who gave you klassic kiwi komps like "Pie Cart Rock 'n' Roll" and "Get a Haircut." Don't bother to visit the website printed on the back cover (art included in the file), as it doesn't actually exist. Mysterious!

One Ugly Child

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