Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mole Männe - Mole Männe (1983)

Can't really find out much about this album, so I'll just have to tell you what I reckon. Recorded in 1983 for Jayrem, Mole Männe's self-titled EP is caught somewhere between punk and post-punk: linear monotone vocals, minimalist superfuzz licking, big rumbling stereo-separated Gang of Four/PIL drumming, and "production values"; paired with teen-angst poetics.

It's dreary and adolescent, and feels like small-town-rock-band to me, and that's a recommendation.

And We Won't Live Long


  1. Just got some info from Andy on these guys --Wellington trio with Riot 111's Nick Swan in it. Other members were Z Snook and Sue Lean. Also self-released a 7" EP in 1982 and an album, Obituary, in 1984 on Jayrem Records. They played in Wellington and Christchurch.

  2. Bass player and cover artist was Bob Withers. Lives in Sydney now.

  3. Actually Z Snook made the cover....I watched him do the drawing of a photo he'd cut up and re-arranged. Z runs a cafe in Wellington. Jane Ellis